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Kathleen Seagar - Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor

Kathleen Seagar, B.Physiotherapy

HI I’m Kathleen, owner of Move Better. I like to describe myself as a passionate and enthusiastic Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor and am proud to say I have years of hands-on experience in sports injuries and rehabilitation.

After completing my Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy I soon went on to complete further study in 2018 where I underwent rigorous ‘Rehabilitation Mat’ and ‘Reformer’ Pilates training.

Pairing my passion for Pilates with Physiotherapy qualifications and 2+ years working within a gym space dealing with sports and injury management/prevention has allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge on how to incorporate rehabilitation specific movements into my teaching.

I also maintain the most effective physiotherapy treatments by using techniques backed by scientific research, orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, neurologists and women’s health experts.

Move Better Online

Join our exclusive Move Better Online platform that includes Pilates programs designed by experienced practitioners and a range of virtual class options available on demand anywhere, anytime.

Perfect for supplementing your private treatments, optimise rehabilitation or as a method to maintain your strength & mobility, Move Better Online is a simple and affordable option for your at home programming.


By aiming to quickly target the root cause of the injury and effectively treat the body as a whole rather than simply treating the acute area, I can help you achieve longer lasting release to better heal your injury, and prevent any further decline.

I am trained in a variety of treatments including active release technique, dry needling, cupping, manual therapy and joint mobilisations and will carefully choose the best method of release for your individual needs.


Private Pilates

I will take the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is needed in your personalised program to guide you to a balance & rehabilitated body.

With hundreds of clinical hours and hands-on experience, I am able to maintain a dedicated balance between your injuries and your abilities to ensure maximum improvement, while ensuring you get the most out of your classes.

Catherine, 37

"Kathleen introduced me to Reformer Pilates after a 2-year physiotherapy rehabilitation journey for back and neck pain. Before Reformer Pilates, I was unable to comfortably work in a tabletop position for longer than 4 minutes or do more than 10mins of work pain free. Now, I am able to attend 3-4 45 minute classes per week and my back and neck pain has improved immensely".

Alex, 32

"During COVID-19, I started Kathleen’s  virtual sessions six days a week for three months and had fantastic results. These sessions really helped me develop and strength my postural and supporting muscles when I was unable to use a gym. Now, I lift heavy weights 4-5 times a week. Pilates really helps to support this training by strengthening the stabilizer muscles to ensure I have a holistic approach to my overall strength training. Thank you!"

Paul, 40

"I was introduced to Pilates 6 months ago and quickly added this to my weekly routine, as it has helped me manage my old and current injuries. Kathleen continues to challenge me, working specifically on my imbalances and areas of weakness. Since starting my Pilates journey, I have seen a huge increase in my strength and progression with weights training".

Candace, 31

“I started Pilates with Kathleen so I could improve my pain, prevent injuries and exercise in a safe and comfortable environment. At the time I was unable to attend regular classes because I was in too much pain and couldn’t get through a full class. Kathleen tailored Pilates to meet my individual needs and happily adjusted it before our session if I was in pain and needed it altered.  Kathleen has been absolutely amazing! She is kind, supportive, and  encouraging! I can’t thank Kathleen enough for helping me through a really difficult time and reminding me how enjoyable exercise can be.”

Carol, 58

Kathleen’s Pilates sessions are well crafted for the user with levelled options always offered. The depth of knowledge about the body’s physiology is  presented in a very accessible way in order to assist each participant optimise their best movement. This rigour is combined with fun & total enjoyment at reaching personal goals.

Gary, 67

‘I am a 67 year old male, typically reluctant to do Pilates ... During the lockdown I started with Kathleen Seagar leading me through 2 sessions per week. now I want more! Kathleen is a superb leader and I feel so much stronger and fitter. I recommend you start online asap!"

Mandy, 54

I have been doing Online Pilates classes with Kathleen for the past 4 months. Online Pilates has improved my fitness and given me a greater feeling of flexibility and stability, as well as helping me reach my weight loss goals. Cant wait to do more classes anytime I like from the new website. Highly recommend!

Astrid Rodriguez, 36

Online Pilates with Kathleen was the perfect way to start my day when working home - her classes are fun and challenging and when you add that to her lovely personality, you get a full-body energy recharge that keeps you happy and active for a whole day. No matter how you seek her help: private sessions, gym classes or online videos/sessions you will be 100% satisfied

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